Welcome to North Energy Corp.

North Energy Corporation has been in business since 1988. Its personnel has an average of 25 years experience in the oil and gas industry in the US, Canada, Middle East, South America and Pacific Regions; these areas include drilling, production, Crude Oil Refineries, oilfield equipment and supply services. North Energy has assembled an exceptional team of industry professionals with the experience and management capabilities to development, engineer, construct, drill, produce, market, supply and execute O & M Services in all areas of the Petroleum and Refining Industry world wide.

For example, North Energy has experienced personnel specializing in the design and construction of drilling rigs (land), drilling barges, offshore platforms, pipelines (both onshore and offshore) and refinery processing equipment. Associated services include the sale, inspection, dismantling and relocation of crude oil refineries world wide.

The above reflects just a brief synopsis of the core management of North Energy Corporation, which demonstrates our ability to deliver anything from replacement components and drilling systems, to entire crude oil refineries in order to meet our customer's objectives and needs.