Supply Solutions

North Energy Corporation provides a true one-stop shop for the facilitation of procurement for equipment, replacement components and capital goods. This reduces the customers' total cost of ownership by providing one number to call, one invoice and one receipt, and by establishing ultimate accountability and predictability.

We sell all of the major mechanical components for both land and offshore drilling rigs as well as complete land drilling and well servicing rigs. The major mechanical components include drawworks, mud pumps, power swivels, SCR systems, traveling equipment, rotary tables, downhole products, including drilling motors and specialized drilling tools for sale. By continuously increasing the breadth and depth of products and services offered, North Energy has become a sales organization of more than 40 industry-leading brand names during the past 10 years. These have included some of the leading names in the upstream oil and gas industry, and allow North Energy to offer a full line of high-quality products and solutions.

Listed below are some of the Name Brands we offer for sale:

Aktro Alberta Instrument
Albin's Enterprises AmClyde
Andergauge Baylor
Best Flow Products BlackMax/Prescott/BlackStar/Stabeco
BLM Bowen
Brandt Cabot
Cardwell Chimo Equipment
Continental Emsco Cooper
Crestex CTES
Custom Die & Insert DELCO
Dreco DSS (Drilling Support Services)
Eastern Oil Tools Elmar
EMD (Electro Motive Division) Fibercast
Fidmash Flanagan Ironworks
Franks Fritz Culver
Gammaloy Gardner Denver (Hoisting)
Gator Hawk Grant Prideco
Gregory Griffith
HALCO Harrisburg
HITEC Houston Scientific
Hydra Rig Hydralift
Ideco IPS (Integrated Power Systems)
IRI International Koomey
Kreiter GearTech Kremco
Lucker M & W
M/D TOTCO Mathey
MATTCO McElroy Marine Machinery
Miller Oilfield Mission
Moineaus Molde
Mono Monoflo
National National Oilwell
Norson Oil Tools Solutions
Oilwell Omega Pumps
Pacific Inspection PCE
Peck-O-Matic PEP
Procon As Progressive Technology
Quality Tubing Rebound Rig
Retsco RMI (Rig Manufacturing Internal.)
Roberds Johnson Rolligon
Russell Subsurface Sara Services
Sauerman Shaffer
Shearer Skytop Brewster
Smith Fiberglass Specialty
SSR Stålprodukter
Star Fiberglass Tech Power
TEM (Tulsa Equipment Mfg.) Texas Oil Tools
TS&M Tuboscope
Tulsa Equipment Manufacturing Turner Oilfield Service
UNIFLEX Unit (Cranes)
Universal USF (Utility Steel Fabricators)
Varco Vector
Versatech Weston Oilfield Engineering
Wheatley Gaso Wildcat Services
Wilson Woolley
XL Systems  

We also have the following equipment if needed:

  • Cameron---well control equipment, BOP's
  • T-3 Industries--well control equipment
  • Tubulars & Casing---Grant-Prideco, FMC Corporation, Sooner Pipe, LoneStar Technologies
  • Alfa Laval--separation and control fluid systems
  • Gas Tech Engineering Co.---Manufacturer of oil and gas production equipment
  • Zimtech Engineering Co. LTD.--International company specializing in all electrical control systems for the oil and gas industry both land and offshore applications.